Montecarotto – The Clock Tower

Linked to another tower by an indoor walkway levelled with the chemin de ronde.
It was clad and adorned in 1903, when part of the wall, ancient entrance gate and the civic tower were demolished. The public clock was originally positioned in the latter.

A door along the chemin de ronde leads to the upper floor which houses the clock face, the connection rod, pendulum and original weights for manual hand charging. A wooden staircase leads from this first interior to the very “heart” of the clock, where all its mechanisms and the cog wheel are located.
Designed and built in 1849 by Pietro Mei, as specified on the serial number plate, the clock is still in working order and is manually recharged every day by a municipal worker.

Our ascent continues, leading us outside the tower and to the bell chamber from which bells ring every fifteen minutes of the clock.