Morro d’Alba – The “Utensilia” Museum and the Castle Caves

Located beneath the town hall building, accessible via the “la Scarpa” chemin de ronde, the new site of the Sharecropping Culture Museum hosts an effectively pondered collection of artefacts from the life of local farmers. The exhibition presents a selection of tools created by peasants and used in the fields, at home and for livestock, grouped into different themed halls.

Its underground area is truly fascinating: a thick network of caves, often connected by tunnels, a veritable underground village which develops beneath the entire chemin de ronde and spreads out towards the fortress centre, creating rooms of different sizes, illuminated by little aeration windows visible from the outer walls of the escarpment.

The Museum also contains the “Compiano”, a piece of mountain artillery received from the Ministry of War in the 19th century in exchange for a few artillery pieces.