Morro d’Alba – The Church of San Gaudenzio

Located inside the city walls and erected between 1760-70, designed by the architects Arcangelo Vici da Palazzo, for the wall structure, and Nicola Maiolatesi for the altars (research by Prof. Carlo Vernelli), it is a beautiful example of 18th century architecture. Recent restoration works have returned the building to its former glory, bringing to light decorated walls and ancient white and pink Furlo stone flooring.

Inside you’ll find the urn containing the remains of Saint Teleucania which were moved in 1985, along with interesting pictorial works, including the canvass “Crucifixion with Saints” (1596) by Ercole Ramazzani di Arcevia and three paintings by the Roman painter Silvio Galimberti (early 1920s).