Maiolati Spontini – G.Spontini museum

Located in the house in which the Master and his wife, Celeste Erard, erected in view of their definitive return to Maiolati.
Two entrance doors lead respectively onto the ground floor rooms which currently contain a precious historic archive of Pious Works, and onto a sober hall (via the left door), at the bottom of which a staircase leads onto the upper floors.

The Museum is set up in rooms on the first and second floor and was inaugurated on the 6th September 1951, on occasion of celebrations of the centenary of Spontini’s death.It contains furniture, family heirlooms, scores, autographs, discs, two pianos, oil painting portraits and the characteristic uniform of the French Institute’s Academy of Fine Arts, of which Spontini was nominated a member in 1839.
It is a pleasure to visit, while listening to the notes of Li puntigli de le donne in stereo, the work with which Spontini made his début in Rome in 1796.