Jesi – Planettiana Library

The library is located in Palazzo della Signoria, by the famous Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, dating back to the Renaissance. It was founded in 1859 thanks to the donation of the Marquis Angelo Ghislieri’s book collection, and was named after the generous book and archive contribution donated by the Pianetti family to the Municipality of Jesi.











It contains numerous ancient artefacts (manuscripts, incunabula and 16th century editions) received from entities and individuals and which together with modern artefacts constitute a remarkable book heritage, both in terms of size and quality. It is completed by a historic Municipal Archive as well as numerous archives of entities and individuals which are frequently consulted for research and studies about local history and much more.










Volumes are available for on-site consultation or on loan. The service is enriched by specific sections, such as the one dedicated to periodicals and dailies, a local section, the photograph library, an audio library for the visually impaired and a special children’s section. The library also regularly organises cultural reading initiatives for a variety of age groups.